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Already Infected?

     Now, if you've been surfing without adequate protection for a while, it's quite likely you are already infected. Many virus infections are designed to keep you from installing new anti virus protection. Some viruses even mess up the Internet Explorer settings so you can't even surf correctly. You might have even inadvertently installed a malicious rogue tool.

WARNING: If you suspect you already have a virus, run all financial applications from another machine! This includes banking or online purchases.
     In this case, you need tools that are independent from the Operating System (OS) and Internet Explorer (IE). Here are a few neat little adware spyware remover download tools that should help. If your machine is really screwed up, you can download the programs with another machine and install them from a CD.

Spybot Search & Destroy

     Spybot Search & Destroy is a wonderful spyware adware removal program. It doesn't require other programs or even an internet connection (except for updates). Spybot is one of the better free spyware and adware downloads.


     The Malwarebytes program, one of the best adware removal tools, is designed as a stand alone spyware removal downloads program to remove malicious software programs. They update their programs regularly.

Note: An expert feels completely comfortable making the changes. An expert has practiced on a test machine, not on their primary machine and never on someone elses. A real expert is careful and knows their limitations and have a well thought out backup plan.
     Please note, some of the best adware removal tasks, should be performed by an expert. A mistake could make your computer unstable, even unbootable.

     Why so many adware spyware remover download programs? Because some virus problems block different spyware removal downloads from doing their jobs. Different programs find different malicious programs. Among all of these free spyware and adware downloads, usually at least one does the trick.

Why not always use free spyware and adware downloads?

     Like most free things, people don't give away their best stuff. They save the best adware removal for paying customers. Some of the free spyware and adware downloads have wonderful qualities, but they leave out a feature or two, like automatic updates or active protection. This ensures that the full product is worth more.

     Even using several spyware adware download tools, they may still leave gaps in your protection. Having separate scanning tools tend to be redundant, taking more machine resources from your work. In a nutshell, they slow down your work on the computer.

     Over the years, I've noticed, that people who use free protection, also try to get everything else for free. Once they discover how many problems come with free things on the internet, they realize it's better to buy the best internet security. Like the old saying goes, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is."

     If your machine uses email or anything requiring internet security, you should always have up to date virus protection. If you do online banking, I can't stress enough about having good protection! Good internet security is cheap compared to the problems you may have (computer and identity).

     If your machine sits in the corner and nobody uses it much, then the free anti virus downloads should be fine. Make sure you have something though. Most computer anti virus downloads provide some protection. Since email is the predominant source of infections, don't use it for your email computer.

Complete Internet Security To Safely Work and Play

     You require a worry-free online experience to safely surf, e-mail, search, download, bank, socialize and shop. Internet Security provides multiple layers of defense. Be safe from Viruses, Adware, Spyware, Spam E-mail, Identity Theft and Firewall Attacks. It even warns you before unintentionally visiting a harmful web site.

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