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Windows Server 2008/2003
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The Best Internet Security Programs and Server 2003 Virus Software

     If you have a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or a Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you are aware of some unique features. The Windows Servers position themselves between the world and your work stations. Of course, this would require the best Internet Security programs you can find for the server.

     Blocking bad and malicious email and websites becomes top priority. At the same time, you don't want to bog down your servers. The AVG Internet Security program for Small Business Servers accomplishes this quite well.

DNS Server Virus

     The virus category of DNS Server Virus is particularly problematic as it changes the location of where you think you are going. DNS, which means Domain Name Server, translates your request into an IP address.

     The DNS Server Virus gives you the wrong IP address. If you are doing online banking, you may think you are on the Bank site, but really, you are at a hacker duplicated site. At this point, the wrong people might have your Login/Password.

     A Windows Server may act as a local DNS server. If you have a DNS Server virus, this essentially could affect everybody on your network.

Protect your Windows Servers with the best Internet Security Program!

     Feel safe and confident surfing the internet with AVG Internet Security Program for Windows Servers.

     AVG has won many awards, including "Best Security Software" by TechWorld, and even got a "5 Star Rating" from Cnet.

     Get 2 years of top notch protection from all types of internet threats with a single efficient product. It doesn't slow your computer down (like other products). All for the price of only one year of many other Anti Virus programs. Other options are shown below.

     Easy to download, install and use. Order AVG Internet Security Programs for Small Business Servers from secure servers today.

     Protect your Microsoft Windows Email Servers as well from secure servers today.

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