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Smart People are
less likely to get a Virus

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     A good Internet Security Program would be similar to keeping your home safe. Doors and windows keep things in or out. Different things need to work like heat and refrigeration. Any security system without people, is destined to fail. People notice problems a computer can't. People can decide who belongs and who doesn't.

Grizzly Bear      It's like, if you go on vacation and grizzly bears move into your home. It would be much easier to shut your front door to keep them out. Removing the bears can be very difficult, then cleaning up the mess could be much worse.

     This is much like removing a virus AFTER your computer gets infected. Sometimes they can be a real bear to remove! Internet Security Programs are like a door for your computer.

3 Step Rule of Internet Security

     Having a secure computer also requires the operator to recognize potential problems, then avoid them. The following 3 rules should help you stay secure.

1 - Don't go to places with viruses

     The worst security mistake people make is to say everything is protected by a machine or software program. ...Why?

  • You'll stop watching things yourself
  • A false sense of security means, people do things they regret later
  • You've set up a challenge to hackers

     Your computers most important guardian is you. Computers are only as smart as we train them. An internet security problem can be avoided with human intuition.

Here are just a few tips:
  • Get the best Internet Security program and keep it updated.
    Know which Internet Security Program you have!
  • Keep Microsoft Windows Updates current (Start, All Programs, Windows Updates)
  • Updates almost NEVER come through email
  • Stay out of bad internet neighborhoods! Free stuff can be the worst. If you don't see advantage for the vendor, stay away. Read the EULA's, they can be really scary. The LinkScanner helps too!
  • Don't let ActiveX install anything, unless you know what it is. Better safe than sorry.
  • If something just doesn't seem right, assume it isn't
  • Legitimate Financial Institutions don't email, unless they've told you they will
  • Just because they say they are ____, doesn't mean they really are _____.
  • Be very careful who uses your computer.
    More than half of the many computers I've repaired, were right after friends or relatives used it.

2 - Internet Service Provider (ISP)

     Currently, most virus problems come from email. Spam email often includes malware attacks on you. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should filter out most of the malicious junk. The amount of spam email can be staggering (about 90%).

Your ISP should be running 2 types of filters.

  • Anti Virus filter
  • Anti Spam filter

     The ISP shouldn't filter everything out, just problems and the known sources of spam. Some decisions should be left to you!

     Spammers constantly find new ways to sneak spam through. Picture a Gate Guard supervisor saying "let in the Green Hats, but not the Red Hats." How long will it take before the Red Hats start wearing Green Hats?

     Spammers need to look like someone you know and trust. So, if you get an email from Grandma, but something doesn't seem right...

trust your instincts! It could be malicious spam!

besides... Grandma might like a phone call from you instead :-)

3 - get the Best Internet Security Program

     A good Internet Security Program, like a fence or a door, blocks a lot of problems you won't be looking for. This is like having another smart person helping as a security guard.

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