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     If you are looking for a budget travel idea, or you are ready to set up a travel deal online, everything you need is right here.

     When traveling, the details can make or break a family vacation or business trip. The following links take you to travel agencies that specialize in travel booking for an entire trip.

Discount Student Airfare

     If you are looking for discount student airfare, you're in luck. Cheap Tickets has spring break packages. Get airline tickets, hotels, cars, vacations and cruises.

Best International Airfare Deal

     Are looking for discount airfare to England, or cheap airfare to Spain? If you just want the cheapest airfare to Europe you can find, you can get the best international airfare deal.

Tropical Island Vacation

     Here is a great place to test out a budget travel idea. You can try many different options and receive back an array of answers to choose from. A simple way to design your own budget travel package.
     Aruba? Jamaica? It may be hard to CHOOSE, but easy to BOOK. Plan your tropical island vacation today.


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Precaution Travel Advisory

     Most vacations work out pretty well. Occasionally, you hear about a disaster vacation. Quite literally, they took their vacation in a place and time that a disaster occurred.

     Let's avoid that kind of bad planning and do some simple checks.

US State Governments

     If you are visiting another state, check out the official web site for that state. Each state has a travel bureau. Ask them questions. While they are hoping you visit and spend your money, they really would prefer you enjoyed your visit enough to visit again and again.

     Snow in the winter, hurricanes and tornados can ruin a vacation (unless you are into that sort of thing). Most states have precaution travel advisories for weather problems. Check them and see.

US Federal Government

World Governments

     If you are going out of the country, you have many other considerations you may have never thought about. Check the precaution travel advice for interstate travel specified in the previous section. International travelers may appreciate some of the political advisements from our government and the government offices of the countries we may visit.

     The American Embassy can give you a heads up for political unrest. They can also alert you to other troubles like a disease problem and other things.

     Most nations of the world have an official web site. Some don't, and a few others have several opposing factions claiming to have the official web site. We have spent hours trying to find the best links to various countries.

     You can find out a lot of information from some of these sites. Each place has unique qualities and scenic wonders. The nations official web site usually tells you about these things and often links to other people and businesses within their country.

     Different countries have different customs. This can completely change the nature of your vacation. Find out what they are, before you go.

     Armed with knowledge, you are better equipped to enjoy your vacation. We hope you do!

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