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Welcome to the Site Seeing pages!

Michael Gray on
 an old Cedar Stump in Idaho      Back when this web site was first built in 1997, the internet was a much different place than it is today. Many of the sites were poorly constructed and it was often quite difficult to find good ones. Things have improved dramatically.

     Many of my Customers kept asking for links to many of the same things. So, rather than finding the same links over and over, I simply started writing these pages instead. These pages still get quite a few visitors, so I continue to keep them up (besides, they're fun).

     These pages can be selected from the sub menus to the left and are organized as General, Government and Local.

Bruneau Canyon in Idaho

General Links

     The general links include subjects like Books or Travel. Other links help you search for better ways to be healthy and fit or just find good shopping sites on-line.

     We include links to Money, Jobs and Careers and even the News Media (Newspapers, Radio, TV) of the lands.

Government Links

     Governments include World, US and Local. World Governments were quite fascinating to search for. In the US, we think of a federal government as being a huge bureaucracy. Many countries have relatively small governments. A few may have officials who get together at each others home for Dinner and Decisions.

     Government in the USA is huge. In fact, I used 2 separate pages to list it all. The US Governments and US States. Between the 2, you should be able to find most any government office.

Indian Petroglyphs,
 Snake River Idaho

Local Links (SW Idaho)

     If you happen to be in Nampa Idaho or anywhere in the Treasure Valley (SW Idaho), the local pages give you lots of information about our community. The busiest page is the Local Entertainment page. The Local Sports page shows sports you can watch or even participate in. You might even want to visit the local government page as well.